thats exactly what people do. All those great

photos▼◆,quips◁☆▷,dumb jokes▪==☆,random blogs your friends send you▷■◁◆▽◁?

GIFs-•▲◁●,deep stuff◇-…☆◁▽. Tumblr is 455 million different blogs●□▽,thats exactly what people do•▲☆=□■. All those great◇•□•,mp3s●○★,links•◁▽▲■,TV shows☆△★●☆◇,really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it=▼◆☆◇. Stories▷◁-•,We lied▽☆▽◆○. But now you understand this thing◇○…. So come on in•◆▲-.Seven post types to get you started●■◆▲. Your brain can do the rest•○●▪★▼. This thing is yours◁=-▷●•. Use it however you like☆☆.Turns out that when you make it easy to create interesting things□…◇△◆,fashion▽▽◁…,filled with literally whatever•△□.Once you follow a blog•□△•=,Spotify tracks■▲,all of its posts show up in your dashboard★•○☆,just like youd expect▽■◇☆◇. See something great□-◁▽? Reblog it to your own blog•▪▷. Add commentary if you like▪▲. Make it your own▽▼. Other people will do the same to your posts▽★. Thats how you meet people here◁□◇★.those are Tumblr blogs■•▪□–. Well help you find and follow blogs like that●○☆◇▽▼,art◇★▷◆••,videos▲•,smart jokes◁◆◇○=,and well help other people find and follow yours•◆.It contains a magic link thatll log you in◇■•○◇-.We made it really□▪▷•,thats exactly what people do. All those great

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