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Thursday, February 1st:Washington Wizards +3.5.

Wednesday, January 31st:What the hell happened last night in Utah? I was all proud that I had the Warriors projected to score 106 points or less (they had 99) and then Utah goes on to score 129. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE! Todays play is the Miami Heat at +2.

Tuesday, January 30th:Golden St. Warriors/Utah Jazz UNDER 216.

Saturday, January 27th:Miami Heat on the money line. Current odds at time of post (12:09PM EST) are -160.

Wednesday, January 24th:Portland Trailblazers on the money line at -145.

Wednesday, January 17th:Atlanta Hawks +2.5, New York Knicks -2.5 and Sacramento Kings +4.5.

Saturday, January 13th:(Early game) Dallas Mavericks -4.5, Charlotte Hornets +1.5, Detroit Pistons -1.

Thursday, January 11th:Cleveland Cavaliers -3.

Monday, January 8th:Surprisingly, tonights 8 game card offers ZERO value so we have to pass.

Sunday, January 7th:Phoenix Suns +8.5 and Portland Trailblazers -2.

Thursday, January 4th:Los Angeles Clippers +1.5.

Wednesday, January 3rd:Washington Wizards -9, Orlando Magic +8 and Utah Jazz -1.

Friday, December 29th:Im giving myself a Mulligan for last nights score prediction. We still won 119-107, however, with Kawhi Leonard being a late scratch that totally changed the dynamic of the game. Coach Popp had been scaling his minutes up and there was zero indication of him sitting. Well happily take the win though! Fridays play of the day is Indiana/Chicago UNDER 206.5 points. We see this one staying under 200.

Thursday, December 28th:San Antonio Spurs -11.5. I dont normally do this because it can make me look like a real goofball if Im off but Im feeling frisky so going to predict tonights score as Spurs 108-87. BLOWOUT!

Friday, December 22nd:L.A. Clippers/Houston Rockets OVER 221.5.

Wednesday, December 20th:Memphis Grizzlies +10.

Tuesday, December 19th:New Orleans Pelicans/Washington Wizards OVER 218.

Saturday:Watching NBA games can give even the healthiest of human being stroke symptoms. Both of our plays yesterday were up by 15 and 18 mid-game. We eeked out a triple OT win with OKC and New Orleans absolutely collapsed and lost in OT. Anybody see Anthony Davis go down and roll around on the ground and then re-enter the game and look perfectly fine? That pretty much sums up the consistency of todays professional basketball player. Itll never happen, but itd do the league wonders if these clowns were paid based on production and wins instead of contracts where they make a wack of cash regardless of whether they win or lose. And dont even get me started about all the bro hugs and love between opponents post-game. The sport is BARELY betable but Im confident that well continue to grind out a handful of units when its all said and done. In between now and then, itll age us all quite a bit! Our college hoops action starts Monday, so theres a reprieve on the way! Same sport, completely different motivation, much more predictable and well undoubtedly run the table there as usual. Set a reminder to check that out. Todays picks are the Charlotte Hornets on the money line at -150 and the Dallas Mavericks at +7. Dont waste your time watching the first 45 minutes of either because itll just make you crap water!

Friday, December 15th:Rough game yesterday. Looked like it was going to fly over the total and then an extended period of high school basketball ensued. Enough bricks to build a mansion! Todays best value plays are the New Orleans Pelicans at +1 and the Oklahoma City Thunder at +1. Good luck!

Thursday, December 14th:Detroit Pistons/Atlanta Hawks OVER 207.5.

Wednesday, December 13th:Memphis Grizzlies +7.5.

Sunday, December 10th:Dallas Mavericks/Minnesota Timberwolves UNDER 207.5.

Friday, December 8th:Chicago Bulls/Charlotte Hornets OVER 203.

Thursday, December 7th:Oklahoma City Thunder/Brooklyn Nets UNDER 214.

Tuesday, December 5th:There are no edges to be had on tonights short 3 game card so we have to pass. Theresneverany reason to force the action.

Sunday, December 3rd:WTF happened yesterday? Lakrers up 95-90 and lose 100-115? The NBA is garbage lol. Were passing today.

Saturday, December 2nd:Los Angeles Lakers +4.5.

Friday, December 1st:Charlotte Hornets +2. Same as last night, lets roll with 80% on the point spread at +2 and 20% on the money line at +120 here as the Hornets are a live dog in this spot.

Thursday, November 30th:What a joke! We pushed last night but should have won easily. We were up 24 at one point! Making matters worse, were still looking good at the end and Dario Saric spikes the ball into the ground and gets a technical foul which eventually ended up busting our cover. Philly missed 23 FTs in the game. Absolutely sickening. Worst push ever. This is a perfect example of why a guy cant ever bet big money on the NBA. These guys are clowns. Well grind out profits over the course of the season but never go too big. The NBA is a circus. Thursdays play is the Milwaukee Bucks at +3. Id recommend putting 80% on the spread and 20% on the money line at +135 as the Bucks have a legit shot of winning this game straight up.

Wednesday, November 29th:Philadelphia 76ers -5.

Tuesday, November 28th:Washington Wizards +5.5.

Sunday, November 26th:No value on todays short card so were passing.

Tuesday, November 21st:Todays single game card offers absolutely zero value so we gotta pass.

Sunday, November 19th:Todays card doesnt have any value so we have to pass.

Saturday, November 18th:Dallas Mavericks at +6.5. Were recommending that you put 90% on the spread and 10% on the money line at +210.

Thursday, November 16th:Neither of tonights games have any defined edges so were forced to take a pass. There isneverany reason to force the action. Placing bets with no edge is a recipe for a disaster and the reason 95% of all sports bettors lose long term. If youre an action junky (arent we all? lol) the best thing to do in these cases is to scale down to a wager that is 10% of your normal bet. That way you limit your risk and you still have something to sweat/enjoy.

Wednesday, November 15th:Minnesota Timberwolves -5.5.

Thursday, November 9th:Washington Wizards -10.5.

Wednesday, November 8th:New York Knicks +8.5. Note: Line changed from +5.5 to +8.5 with announcement of Porzingis OUT. We still like the Knicks plus the points.

Sunday, November 5th:Portland Trailblazers +2.5.

Thursday, November 2nd:Historically, Golden State has beaten up San Antonio and the Blazers have handled the Lakers. however, neither game offers much value against the spread so we have to pass.

Wednesday BEST BET:Orlando Magic +4. Get this one quick because the line is likely to drop. – 11/1

Tuesday, October 31st:Sacramento Kings +4.5, Milwaukee Bucks +1.5 and Los Angeles Lakers +4.

Monday, October 30th:Toronto Raptors +2.5 (won 99-85)

WELCOME BACK!Our 2017-2018 NBA coverage will begin Monday, October 30th. Why not opening day? Because we have no idea who is going to do what. There are always surprises and we need some time for these and playing time to shake out before being able to properly assess each team, their style of play, gameflow and other misc. variables. Please set a reminder and check back on the 30th!

Sad News:Celtics F Gordon Hayward went down early in todays season opener. Initial thoughts are a fractured left ankle. It didnt look good. – 10/17

NBA Finals Gm 5 Pick:Golden State Warriors -8.5. – 6/12

NBA Finals Game 3 Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers +3.5. – 6/7

NBA Championship Game 2 Bet:Cleveland Cavaliers +8.5. Its highly unlikely that the Cavs get 20 less shots and 16 more turnovers than G.S. tonight. – 6/4

NBA Finals Game 1 Pick:Golden State Warriors -7. – 6/1

5/16/17:The Spurs did well this season in games without Kawhi Leonard but it still presents an unstable situation, especially with Tony Parker out as well. We really have no idea how this will play out, so were going to sit the sidelines tonight.

5/11/17:These teams winning on each others court, blowing each other out and having a very close game equals one thing: UNPREDICTABILITY! Weve here to conquer point spreads and get paid from bookies,not gamble. With that being said, a fun lunch money bet or a pass is in order here. We really have no clue how this one will play out.

5/9/17:The line seems about right. No value here!

5/6/17:Tonights Golden State Warriors/Utah Jazz game 3 line is right on so there is no value to be had either way. Our initial lean was to the Jazz as theyll surely be motivated tonight and Draymond Green has a knee issue, but with George Hill banged up with a toe, its too risky. As we always say, theres never a need to force the action. Winning at basketball betting (or any sport for that matter) is all about being selective and only placing a wager when the value is on your side. In NBA games, that means that we need to feel like were getting 3 points or better in value against the spread. NBA playoff games are TOUGH. Most of the time, teams that are in the playoffs are BOTH good which slims the margins down, which often times results in taking a pass. It sucks but theres no use in betting coin flips! We frequently receive emails saying I know youre passing but what is your lean. I completely understand the need for action. For most, betting on games is a great form of entertainment. Heck, youd spend $50 or more taking your family to a movie for 2 hours, so whats the difference right? My personal opinion on betting games when theres no value is that if youre going to do it, consider reducing your bet to a lunch money play. That way youre still getting the thrill but not really risking anything. Most of the time youll feel just as engaged with a $10 bet as you would be with a $100 bet. With that being said, have a great Saturday! And if youre betting the Kentucky Derby today, dont forget to check out Ken Strongs preview in ourhorse section! We employ the best horse racing handicapper on the planet!

5/5/17:How will Toronto play with Lowry out or with a bum ankle? How will the Spurs do on the road without their floor general? (Parker) Nobody could possible know. With that being said, these games today are unbetable.

4/30/17:Los Angeles Clippers on the moneyline at -165 odds.

4/28/17:We couldnt find any edges so were taking a pass.

4/24/17:What a bizarre run over the past few days. Indy up 26 and loses, Blazers dominate whole game vs. G.S. and get smoked in 4th qtr resulting in a push, Clippers dominate whole game and lose in end last night. Tough run! The only thing we find betable tonight is the Toronto Raptors money line at -225. Its a pretty steep price to pay but the only thing we feel comfortable with.

4/21/17:Los Angeles Clippers on the moneyline (-120). Note: Chicago Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo is OUT tonight with a thumb injury.

3/23/17:Miami Heat -4.5. This has been a home and home series over the past 6 games with the host winning by 7 or more points in each of those contests. Many of those matchups were more than 7 point margins as well. Lowry is out and Ibaka will miss for punching Big Bird Lopez. Nice value here!

3/15/17:Rough beat last night losing Sean Kilpatrick to injury. Nets hung in all game until his backups, Whitehead and Dinwiddie were forced into playing too many minutes and both were putrid. Missed layups, bad passes, etc. Cant have that from primary ballhandlers. Tough loss that should have been a straight up win as OKC is horrible on the road. Moving on…. Todays play is the Sacramento Kings at +5.5.

3/13/17:Milwaukee Bucks +4 and Minnesota T-Wolves -2.

3/11/17:New Orleans Pelicans +3 and Milwaukee Bucks -3.

3/9/17:Memphis Grizzlies on the money line at -140.

3/6/17:Atlanta Hawks +5.5 and Portland Trailblazers +4.

3/3/17:Orlando Magic +4.5, Atlanta Hawks +2.5, Dallas Mavericks +2.5.

3/2/17:Phoenix Suns +4, Portland Trailblazers +1.

3/1/17:Boston Celtics +1, New Orleans Pelicans -2, Brooklyn Nets +2.

2/28/17:Denver Nuggets +2.5 and Utah Jazz -1.5. – 2/28

Monday:Charlotte Hornets -8, Atlanta Hawks +1.5. – 2/13

Thursday:LA Lakers/Washington UNDER 219. – 2/2

Saturday:Phoenix Suns on the money line at -150. – 1/28

Tuesday:Denver Nuggets on the money line at -140. – 1/24

Monday:New Orleans Pelicans +5. (4PM EST) – 1/16

Thursday:Brutal loss yesterday with teams shooting a combined 30% from 3-point range and the Hornets only hitting 57% of their free throws. Disgusting. Todays play is the Brooklyn Nets +4.5. – 1/12

Wednesday:Memphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder OVER 203***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***- 1/11

Tuesday:San Antonio Spurs -10.5, Utah Jazz +2, Los Angeles Lakers +2. – 1/10

Monday:New Orleans Hornets +9, Washington Wizards +8.5 and Phoenix Suns +5.5. – 1/2

Tuesday:We dont like anything on todays short card so are taking a pass. – 12/27

Tuesday:Milwaukee Bucks +3.5, Blazers +1.5, Denver Nuggets +8. – 12/20

Monday:A 28 point second half by the Magic yesterday. Did that really happen? Today we like the Detroit Pistons at +2.5. – 12/19

Sunday:Weve got a live dog today! Were usually happy with taking an underdog spread but in this case were going to recommend rolling with a hybrid bet of 75% on the Magic at +6 and 25% on the moneyline at +190. The Magic have a legit shot of winning this game straight up. – 12/18

Saturday:Its nice to be back on the winning track! Lets keep it going with the Portland Trailblazers at -1.5 tonight! – 12/10

Friday:Another brutal beat yesterday as the Nuggets get a 5 second call while trying to inbound a pass. Just when you think youve seen it all. Todays play is the Phoenix Suns at +2. – 12/9

Thursday:Denver Nuggets +5.5***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***. – 12/8

Wednesday:Pretty ugly game yesterday. The Magic have been playing great D lately and in their last 11 games had gone under 199 in 10 of 11. Go figure nobody plays any defense on either side and the game goes 240. Big card with lots of value today, well have multiple plays. Todays picks are Orlando Magic -1, Houston Rockets -13.5, Portland Trailblazers +1.5, LA Clippers +4. – 12/7

Tuesday:Orlando Magic/Washington Wizards UNDER 199. – 12/6

Friday:Minnesota T-Wolves -1.5, Sacramento Kings +6.5 and Detroit Pistons +2.5. – 12/2

Thursday:Houston Rockets/Golden St. Warriors UNDER 231.5 points. – 12/1

Wednesday:Los Angeles Lakers/Chicago Bulls UNDER 209.5. One of our projection models shows that this game could possibly go under by as many as 20 points. We would never come out with a bold prediction as such, because with betting,anythingcan happen, but thought it was worth sharing. – 11/30

Tuesday:Milwaukee Bucks +7.5 and Magic/Spurs UNDER 195. – 11/29

Monday:Ever dug into a really good hamburger and youre chomping away and unexpectedly bite into a bone and wonder if your tooth busted in half? Thats kind of what happened last night with Orlando. The Magic were a REALLY good hamburger catching the Bucks in a great spot where we expected them to have a very low scoring output. And then the bone, Frank Vogel, changes his starting lineup minutes before tip-off. Vucevic, Green and Payton ended up being Biyombo, Gordon and Augustin. BIG difference. It fouled up the teams chemistry and they flounded all game. Tough loss. Mondays play is the Washington Wizards at -5. – 11/28

Saturday:Congrats on the big hit last night! Hopefully that will wipe the bad taste out of your mouth from Tuesdays debacle where we got creamed by bad beats. Todays card didnt turn up any advantage plays so were going to take a pass. Enjoy your Saturday! – 11/26

Friday:Detroit Pistons +6.5***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***- 11/25

Tuesday:What a brutal day yesterday. T-Wolves up 13 going into the 4th quarter, get outscored 31-12 in the final frame and end up losing by 6. Towns was unstoppable yet Dieng and Lavine were launching up wild shots. Poorly coached game costs us an easy win. In Detroit, 80% FT shooter Caldwell-Pope clanks a free throw with seconds left to blow it for us. Washington wins by 5, while being outshot from the field, the three point line and the free throw line. Pretty crazy day. Todays pick is the New Orleans Pelicans +8.5. – 11/22

Monday:Wizards -8.5, Pistons +2, Timberwolves +1.5. – 11/21

Friday:Phoenix Suns/Indiana Pacers OVER 216.5 (we forecast 228+), Brooklyn Nets +9.5, Celtics +7.5, Blazers/Pelicans UNDER 215.5, Kings +8, Lakers +7. – 11/18

Wednesday:I sure hope you didnt watch the Nets/Lakers game yesterday. In the final seconds the Nets drove in for an uncontested layup and the guy lost the handle on the ball and it bounced off his leg out of bounds. One of the worst beats one will ever suffer as Randle had even backed off allowing the free-easy basket and we lose by a half point. Thats NBA basketball! Believe it or not, well win that way sometime too. It all balances out. Its just rough when something like that happens. Wednesdays pick is the Indiana Pacers at +3.5. – 11/16

Thursday:Miami Heat on the money line at -140. – 11/10

WELCOME BACKfor another great season of NBA basketball! Well be assessing teams, their style of play and team chemistry over the next handful of days. Once we have a good feel, well start making daily picks. Please set reminder to check back on Monday, November 7th!

Spurs Star Hangsem Up:Tim Duncan Retires- 7/11

Sunday NBA Finals Championship Game 7 Pick:Posted gameday morning. – 6/19

Thursday NBA Finals Game 6 Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers on the moneyline at -130. – 6/16

Monday:With Draymond Green out, were not really sure how this game will play out so were taking a pass. – 6/13

Friday Game 4 Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers -2. – 6/10

Thursday:No games scheduled today. The NBA playoffs resume Friday. – 6/9

Wednesday NBA Finals Game 3 Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers -1. – 6/8

Sunday Game 2 Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers +6. – 6/5

Thursday NBA Finals Game 1 Pick:Golden St. Warriors -6. – 6/2

Tuesday/Wednesday:No games scheduled. – 5/31 through 6/1

Memorial Day:Golden State Warriors -6.5 – 5/30

Wednesday:Cleveland Cavs -10.5. Get on this quick as we expect the line to rise throughout the day. For those who are nervous about laying points this is a great game to get down on an open ended teaser. You can knock the number down 5 points (or more) and pair it up with something else down the road. This type of wager can be found at5Dimes. – 5/25

Thursday:Tonights Raptors/Cavs spread of -12 offers absolutely no value. Toronto is a very unpredictable team on the road that can play well and lose by a bucket or get blown out and lose by 30. When situations like this arise, its imperative that a bettor remain patient and take a pass. We get that many feel like they need action, but that approach prevents you from ever having a shot of beating his game long term. If youre a guy that absolutely has to get down on games each day, we recommend scaling your bet size down to 1/10th our normal bet. That way you still have something to root for while not wrecking your precious bankroll. Hitting the ATM or redepositing into your offshore account is miserable. Be smart and play it safe, only making a move when we feel that the advantage is on OUR side! – 5/19

Tuesday:Wed like to see how these teams match up prior to taking a position. Were going to pass tonight. – 5/17

Friday:Congrats on last nights big win! We dont have a take on todays Raptors/Heat game. It really could go either way. With no advantage to be had, were taking a pass. Enjoy your Friday! – 5/13

Wednesday:Miami Heat/Toronto Raptors OVER 188.5 points. – 5/11

Tuesday:Rough beat last night with Portland blowing a fat lead and Curry catching fire. We think tonigts OKC/S.A. line is right on and there is no value to be had, so were stuck with having to take a pass. Theres never any need to force the action! – 5/10

Monday Game 4:Portland Trailblazers +4.5. – 5/9

Wednesday NBA Playoffs Pick:Cleveland Cavaliers -7.5. – 5/4

Western Conference Semifinals Game 2:Portland Trailblazers +9.5. – 5/3

Monday Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 1:Cleveland Cavaliers -7. – 5/2

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Teasers- Multi-team bet where you get to move the line a certain amount of points on each game. All teams must cover the teased point spreads to cash.

Pleasers- The opposite of a teaser. Youre giving points away, making this bet a much tougher proposition to win.

Prop Bets- Wagers not having to do with which team wins the game or by how many. These usually pertain to wagers on individual players points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.

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